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The come-back and the carousels

Hello guys,

It’s been a really long time since I last shared anything with you, I really regret it because there has been so much going on lately, a lot of things worth sharing. *sigh*
Anyway, I promise I’ll catch up with my blogging!

So where do I start?!

First big thing I achieved this year was my iphoneography 365 project (I’m so proud of this one, because I never finish any projects I start! :D)

365 project

Day 251 of my 365 project

I had a blast working on this project, I learnt a lot of things about Instagram and all the apps you can use to have really great looking pictures, for free, using a phone camera (I will certainly make a post about these apps in the future, you have to try them!).

The second big thing is my new photography series.
And this is a work in progress, I’ll tell you all about it on time. But I’ll leave you with the very first photo of the series.

So how do you find it?

plz, share your thoughts on it in a comment :)

And stay tuned for more ;)

Fatima Zahrae

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