Hello guys!

I’ve got great news for you!

I’m launching my website this month! So I thought it’d be great if I had my blog under the same domain.

That’s why I am pleased to announce that this blog has moved to a new address, same blog but a new address.

I invite you all to subscribe to the new address through email as follows:

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We have moved!



Another breeze blew near my face as I watched the caravan walk away, and I don’t know why I felt some sort of awe about it.
It’s true that it’s not a casual scene, to have camels wander around the sea, still it’s not something that would normally impress me..
I usually don’t care.. But I kept stealing photos of the four camels and of their owner as if they were some scoop I shouldn’t miss.
When I think back to those few days I spent by the sea last year, I feel the tranquility rushing back to me and I’m once again connected to the world, and once more homesick to a place I only visit once a year..

I can’t wait for this year’s vacation..

The caravan

The caravan

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One step forward

First steps are always the hardest.. We dream, we imagine, we wish, we create scenarios and whole worlds in our minds.. still those who succeed are those who dare take that one first step, those who have the guts to do and not just dream..

Thus one step at the time… Let’s take one step forward.

One step forward

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Morning colors

The sun rays shuttered into a thousand shades of rainbows..

It fell on your eyes..

It overwhelmed the world and reduced it into a halo of lights and colors.. For a moment everything disappears and it’s just you in the middle of a kaleidoscopic circle of colors..

Morning colors.

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Joy is the warm ray of the sun in the coldest day,

the breeze of fresh air in the hottest day,

the taste of fresh water after a long run,

the giggle of a sweet baby for no reason at all,

the smile on the face of an orphan surrounded by caring faces of strangers,

the blessings of those in need when their basic wishes are served..


This month is a great opportunity to start spreading joy around us :)

Ramadan Kareem to you all




Cheetah girl

I took this photo the last time I went to the zoo (that was a year ago), along with photos of other animals..

You can check some of these photos on my Facebook page if you will ;)


PS. I’m not sure it was a cheetah girl.. I only had a feeling :p

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Take me with you.. Take me away

Flocks of birds passed me by.. Gone north

And I knew it’s time to fly to the spring call.. Forth

Grow me wings so I could soar

Free falling, I cannot take anymore

Gone numb.. Gone astray

Take me with you.. Take me away